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How Can I Download Microsoft Based Programs Onto A Chromebook?

Sunday, September 22nd 2013. | Q & A

Q: Hello world,
I need some help, I just got a new chromebook but I need to download some of my video games, roblox and minecraft mainly, how can I download them onto my chromebook? Its not letting me for some reasson…

A. You can’t, as a Chromebook runs on its own proprietary OS which won’t run Windows programs. Although, for Minecraft it may be possibly as Minecraft runs on Java.
What if i installed Linux Unbunto on my laptop?
Q: HI i got a Acer c7 and i heard i got install ubunto on it to play games, download, etc. But what if i mess up installing is there a way to change back to Chrome OS if that does happen? And will it be the same speed and will i still have warranty on it?
How won’t Ubunto help? Have you ever been on Chrome OS before? You can’t download anything, even if it had the best possible CPU, and GPU, if it runs Chrome OS it isn’t possible to download. Thanks for answering none of my questions.
Well Mr. 40 years i said what i said earlier because you didn’t answer any of my questions and if you did have 40+ years of expierence you would research if you didn’t know about chrome os and installing linux on it. It is very capable of playing minecraft, just not with the OS, your answer was not quality, nor was my detial in my question, how does internet have anything to do about installing linux besides the download speed?

A. It seems that you already know the answer. Of course you can install Ubuntu to play games. Ubuntu doesn’t have the best selection of games, but you are correct, minecraft will play just fine. All you have to do get an Ubuntu image from another PC and copy it to a flash drive or DVD, boot to this media from the start screen and follow the on screen instructions. You will have to be careful because you will need to alter the partitions on the hard drive in order to fix both OSes onto the same drive. I don’t really have any experience with ChromeOS either, so I don’t know if you will be able to access and run any of your Ubuntu data from Chrome, but you should at least be able to use a flash drive to view images or documents that you have downloaded. That being said, ChromeOS is still linux and it should have the utilities necessary to run many Ubuntu programs, it’s too bad that i doubt it has a terminal emulator in order to compile them. Also, Chromebooks aren’t really built for gaming, so i don’t know how well they would handle steam games and things of the like, but it should certainly be able to handle minecraft on minimum settings.
is there anyway i can download imvu onto my google chromebook?
Q: when i try it says to download this file type is not supported please visit the chrome app store to find an app that can open this type of file, do any of you know an app that could help? thanx in advance

A. The game you’re looking at is only compatible with Windows and Mac I believe. The game does not support Chrome OS nor do I think it’s ever going to be.

So for your situation, you simply can’t play the game on your Chromebook. And there are no apps for IMVU game.

Gmod prop hunt on the chromebook?
Q: I’ve been watching PewDiePie play a lot of prop hunt recently and was wondering if I could be able to download it onto my google chromebook. here is the link to download it and if this isnt the right one could you guys let me know which website it is to download it if im able to download it onto my chromebook with it messing up? http://bit.ly/1952AYG

A. For a prop hunt game, you need Garry Mod game.. or others like Counter strike source etc ( Need $),

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