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How Can I Jailbreak My Nokia E5 Smartphone?

Wednesday, August 14th 2013. | Q & A


A. nokia phones do not need to be jailbroken , jailbreaking is an action for apple Inc. devices (such as iPhone , iPad , iPod touch) that lets people access the system files and so they can install cracked apps and change themes or etc.
but e5 is running symbian and and system files are already accessible so you don’t need to do anything

remember Jailbreaking is only defined for iOS (iPhone operation system) devices !

How to delete theme from nokia E5 00?

nokia e5 vs blackberry curve?
Q: Okay so here’s the story. I absolutely love to mess around or play with phone features like themes, the overal appearence of the phone, and colors and such. I have an ipod touch so that suits all my needs for fun and entertainment. I really do need a phone though, and feel sorry for my ipod because it never gets a break, cuz i do all my texting and calling for a phone on it instead at home. I’m only 15 is why i’m saying all of this. But in my opinion i like the way the blackberry looks, and my hands are small enough for it. I know they say it’s more of a business and organizer phone but that’s fine with me. I heard it’s compared to the nokia e5 and i loved that phone. As long as it has a little mp3 players, and its customizable with ringtones and easy to download stuff on to it then i should be fine. Any suggestions?

A. Never used the Curve, but the E5 can certainly do all of the things you mentioned. It’s essentially Nokia’s version of a Blackberry, only running their own Symbian OS instead of the Blackberry OS.
is blackberry 8520 worth it for a 8000php value??? or just get a nokia e5?
Q: im interested to:
many themes
doc,pdf,xls files
and facebook
sorry wrong spelling *email

A. Great for mobile messaging as well as providing excellent voice communications, the Symbian-based Nokia E5-00 unlocked mobile phone follows the successful blueprint of devices such as the Nokia E72 and Nokia E63. It combines high-quality business features–such as synchronization of contacts and e-mail with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler environments–with all of the personal networking and entertainment capabilities that a busy professional expects from a smartphone. The E5 also provides access to social networks directly on the homescreen, enabling you to view, comment, and update your status and share pictures to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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