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How To Block All Incoming Calls From One Phone Number?

Saturday, August 10th 2013. | Q & A

Q: I own a Nokia N72 phone and i want to block all incoming calls from one specific number but in order to do so i need a special programme. i’ve heard that such a programme is on the market that allows you to select what phone numbers can actually get through to your mobile phone. I would appreciate it if anyone could inform me of what the programme is called and where i can download it from.

A. You can’t block a single number from calling u. u can either use the screening feature avaliable on some phones (usually low end nokia models) i’m not sure if the feature exists on the N72
u can blocking unwanted numbers by 1) go to contacts 2) creat a new group 3) add the unwanted caller to this group 4) go to general profiles in the settings menu. 5) choose the aleart for this group option and then choose the no option. 6) save changes.
You can set a silent tone to it such as the mosquito and then set it for this number so that every time the caller calls u wont be allerted.

i’m not sure if any software exists that block calls but Go to gallery.mobile9.com and search for the software there if u can find any, Search for (Blocking Caller)

how are nokia phones categorized according to their models?
Q: what are the differences of nokia phones according to their models? why there are 6300 and 6300i or 6800 or 6600 6101 0r 6102? why or how were they categorized / named in models?

A. They categorized due to the different features they offer for example the 6000 series phones are S40 based and offer lower end features such as 2Mp Cameras and other basic features where as the N series phones offer advanced features and are S60 based and so on…
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Q: I currently have a nokia phone and i am looking to unlock it and use with a different carrier.. how is this done?

A. You can unlock the Nokia mobile using the unlock code..In the site http://www.mobileunlockguide.com/ you can get the free unlocking Instructions.In this site http://www.mobileunlocksolutions.com/unlock-your-phone/rs1wp2/ you can get the code at low cost..After unlock it you can use the Nokia with different network provider sim cards that will support by your mobile model.
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Q: Just purchased and Nokia is closed today, it is model 3220

A. when you place a call and the person answers the phone on the phone it sould say loudspek on the lower right hand side and then you click the right button under where it says loudspek hope this will help

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