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Is There A Quality Difference Between Regular Cell Phones And Prepaid Cell Phones?

Monday, July 29th 2013. | Q & A

Q: Other than having a rate plan through the wireless provider…..Is there a difference in the cell phones themselves? Quality of the phone?

Meaning: What is the difference between a prepaid (pay as you go) Sony Ericsson Z310a and a regular Sony Ericsson Z310a cell phone?

Remember I am asking what the difference is OTHER THAN the cost of phone calls or having a rate plan

A. There is no difference in the quality whatsoever. They are usually the SAME kind of phones that you would use on post paid plans……

They just make certain phones for prepay so that it’s easier to set it all up

what is a good cell phone to get for prepaid cards?
Q: I need to get a cell phone but wondering what one would be good to get for prepaid. I really like the Sony Ericsson W200a. It must have a mp3 player and a camera.

Thank You!!

A. Check here for the best in Motorola prepaid phones

Check here for the best in Motorola prepaid phones

Everything on these lists should fit your criteria.

Good luck on your hunt =)

Are there any quality cell phones I can buy that have a prepaid service?
Q: I really just like using those prepaid cell phone plans with no contracts but all the phones are so cheaply made. Cellphones with contracts you can definitely see that most of them are of a higher quality. Are there any quality phones that aren’t made of cheap plastic and have poor screen graphics that I can get a prepaid service with?

A. There are a lot of cellphones that you can use for prepaid…

Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xpreria X1, Nokia N97, N96, N95, etc.

All you need to do is buy the phone from its corresponding retailer/reseller (Samsung stores, Sony Ericsson store, Nokia stores, etc.) and you’ll have an unlocked phone.

Then you can go to AT&T or your preferred service provider and get a prepaid contract. BE SURE to requisition only for the SIM Card (not sims card as everyone would say 8-| ). You can then use the SIM Card on your phone and the contract/service will apply for it.

Do at&t gophones have less features than regular at&t phones that you get with 2 yr contract?
Q: I want to buy a sony ericsson w580i as a prepaid cell phone from the at&t website as a gophone, and then just insert my sim card that i got from AT&T with contract,
do the gophones have the same features compared to one that I would get with a 2 year contract?

A. The phone itself does not matter. Its only if you have a prepaid PLAN that matters and yes, they have less features that a 2 year contract. Sounds like you are just using a replacement phone for your 2 year contract though, am I right? If thats the case, you are fine. You can swap any phone with your sim card and it will work (as long as its unlocked)

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