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What Does Tatu Baby’s Neck Tattoo Say?

Saturday, August 31st 2013. | Q & A

Q: Tatu Baby is currently starring on the current season of Ink Master

A. Rawyolty
Where does Tatu Baby tattoo at in Miami?
Q: Does anyone know the name of the tattoo shop that she works at?

What are some good song suggestions for my MP3 player?
Q: I was thinking of downloading some songs for my MP3 player this weekend and I need some ideas. I will consider just about any genre of music or any artist. Have any good suggestions? Thanks in advance for your help!

A. EVERYTHING by Tokio Hotel is AMAZING!! [im a huge fan, they're my favorite all time awesome, completely wicked band! and on top, their lead singer is the most gorgeous, beautiful guy alive, more then any girl too: Bill Kaulitz, and what makes everything a whole double better is that he has a twin :D]
Geh – MUST LISTEN TO WITH LYRICS!!! Its German, but the saddest thing ever!!!
In die Nacht – German too, but again, MUST LOOK AT LYRICS!! VERY goregeous, about the lead singer and his twin’s brotherly love and very inspiring, and catchy! And sad…its about death…in a way, but filled with hope!! [i am in love with this song]
1000 Oceans
Ready Set Go
By Your Side
On The Edge
Love Is Dead
Durch Den Monsoon
Live Every Second
*basically everything from the Scream Album, AND German: Zimmer 483, Schrei, and Devilish

Escape the Fate:
*my personal faves*
There’s No Sympathy For the Dead
The Day I Left The Womb
Not Good Enough For Truth or Cliche
As Im Falling Down
Make Up
My Apocalypse
Reverse This Curse
Cellar Door
Friends and Alibis
The Flood

Linkin Park [if you have most of them, ignore this section!!! LP is a LEGEND]
What I’ve Done
In The End
Breaking The Habit
Nobody’s Listening
Hands Held High
Shadow of the Day
Somewhere I Belong

EVERYTHING by Three Days Grace, and i mean EVERYTHING.

LaFee [the English stuff suck, only get German!!! Sounds wierd right now, but her music is AWESOME!!! TRUST ME!!0
Jetzt Erst Recht
Heul Doch
Wer Bin Ich
Weg Von Dir
Beweg Dein Arsch
Du Bist Schon
Kuss Mich
Fur Dich
Der Regen Fallt
Stor Ich

Cinema Bizarre is good:
Forever or Never
Love Songs [they kill me]
Escape to the Stars
Angel in Disguise
After the Rain
Silent Scream

Tatu [very catchy]:
Gay Boy/ Maichik Gay
All The Things She Said
All About Us
Not Gonna Get Us

Yiruma [piano, but VERY good!! amazingly calming, and it sounds like itd be boring, but i ADORE her songs, while usually i cant deal with piano]
The River Flows In You
Kiss The Rain
A Walk In The Forest

So What
Just Like a Pill
Who Knew

Avenue Q [Really Funny]
If You Were Gay
The Internet is For Porn
The Money Song
Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

EVERYTHING by BassHunter

EVERYTHING by Fall Out Boy

Metallica is said to be good, but not my taste :/


Various Other Artists:
FM Static – Tonight
Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out [an oldie, but doesnt sound like that, and very nice!!]
All Around Me – Flyleaf
I’m So Sick – Flyleaf
Angels on the Moon – Thriving Ivory
Adidas – Korn
Happy Ending – Mika [ :D ]
Halo – Beyonce
Gravity – Nico Vega
Burn Burn – Nico Vega
Cocaine Cooked the Brain – Nico Vega
Breath – Breaking Benjamin
Diary of Jane – Breaking Benjamin
Topless – Breaking Benjamin
She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
You Found Me – The Fray
Cable Car – The Fray
How To Save A Life – The Fray
Down With The Sickness – Disturbed
Helena – My Chemical Romance
Best Friends – Aqua **HEHE**
Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
Control – Metro Station
Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance
The Anthem – Good Charlotte
I Don’t Wanna Be In Love – Good Charlotte
I’m Not Your Boyfriend Baby – 3OH!3
Don’t Trust Me – 3OH!3
Colorado Sunrise – 3OH!3
Rose – Anne Tsuchiya
A Little Pain – Olivia Luftkin
Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation
Learning To Breathe – Switchfoot
Learning to Fall – Boys Like Girls
Only Hope – Switchfoot
This Is Home – Switchfoot
You Know My Name – Chris Cornell
You’re Gonna Go Far Kid – The Offspring
Pop Princess 5 – The Click 5
Bodies – Drowning Pool
Join Me In Death – HIM
Get Stoned – Hinder
Better Then Me – Hinder
Lips of an Angel – Hinder
You and Me – Lifehouse
First Time – Lifehouse
Drive – Incubus
I Wish You Were Here – Incubus
Do You Wanna F u c k? – Byz *its SOOO catchy!!!

I HAVE to add this one, its just too stuck in my head…and its super sexist, so if you get easily offended DONT look at it, but its SUPER catchy, and it’ll get stuck in your head like crazy!!!
look up on Youtube: ‘Show Me Your Genitals’ :D its SUPER bad, but catchy

**hope this helps!!!

Inkmasters eliminated Tatu Baby before Sebastion?
Q: She was ten times the artist Sebastian is. How fixed is this?

A. I’m so annoyed! lol I just saw that too, he didn’t deserve to stay. Now he’s being an ass to his canvas. Typical!!!

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