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What Does This Mean When Your Boyfriend Says It To You?

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013. | Q & A

Q: "Your my corazone baby"
I should of known that. He’s half Spanish. Thank you!

A. It means heart in Spanish.
What a sweet guy you have.
I have been getting this very sharp pain at the big toe joint at the top of my foot . I’ve been to the foot dc?
Q: It’s when I walk and the toe bends. And even with corazone from the foot doc. After a few weeks of releif. It will start again if anyone have heard of anything like this I would appcate it .

A. sounds like Hallux Rigidus or Hallux Limitus:
Hallux Rigidus/Limitus involves the 1st metatarso-phalangeal joint; at the base of the big toe. It causes pain and stiffness in the big toe, and with time it becomes increasingly harder to bend the toe. As motion becomes progressively limited, pain increases, especially when the big toe is extended, or pushed up.

Although the condition is progressive you can help it by wear sensible shoes, avoid shoes with heels, perhaps consider having custom Orthotics to realign any biomechanical problems, esp if it is at the Limitus stage as taking the weight off that joint and aiding it’s mobility will ease progression to the rigidus stage.

Sometimes steroid injections can help relieve pain.

Try some shoes such as MBT’s or shoes with a rocker bottom sole (think sketchers do some as well) these are good because when you walk the toe joint does not bent and therefore pain should be reduced.

What is the name, or real words of this song?
Q: We used to sing it in 7th grade spanish class, and parts of the song are stuck in my head..it goes something like:

Aye,aye aye aye
conta y no llores
porque contando se allegran sientos lindos
los corazones

These words are most definitely spelled wrong, most of them anyway. Any little bit of information would help!

A. Its called "Celito Lindo" I don’t think the spelling is right
Here are lyrics: (oh it’s "Cielito Lindo")Lyrics to Cielito Lindo :
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Canta y no llores
Porque cantando se alegran
Cielito lindo, los corazones

De la Sierra Morena
Cielito lindo, vienen bajando
Un par de ojitos negros
Cielito lindo, de contrabando

Ese lunar que tienes
Cielito lindo, junto a la boca
No se lo des a nadie
Cielito lindo que a mi me toca

Ay, ay, ay, ay
Canta y no llores
Porque cantando se alegran
Cielito lindo, los corazones
[ Cielito Lindo Lyrics on http://www.lyricsmania.com/ ]

How can I watch a live taping of the telemundo show "12 Corazones" ?
Q: Do I need to wait in a line, or order tickets ?? I tried going to their website but I couldn’t find the section to answer this question.

A. [PDF] Telemundo New Orleans 2008 Reaching Your Target Market!
1215k – Adobe PDF – View as HTML
Over 25% of all Hispanics in the USA now live in New. Latino … 12 Corazones. Match Making Show, 6-7PM. A game show like no other, where astrology is more …


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