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What Is A Good Website Where You Can Download Free Mobile Phone Games Onto Your Pc To Put Onto Your Mobile?

Sunday, August 11th 2013. | Q & A

Q: I need a good website that ables you to download mobile phone games. I want decent mobile games not bad blurry ones. I want to download them onto my computer then put them on my memory card that goes in my phone. I can do that but i want a decent website with descent games on it. Also i have a lg kf310 mobile phone. Thank you

A. Find it here :

Saya Arnold SuasanaSegar

How do I put apps or games on my alcatel ot-800 one touch tribe?
Q: Ive had this phone for a while and i was wondering how do I put games on it like the jar or jad files on it? I dont have internet on my phone so i need to be able to do it through the usb cable. I think i need to find a java folder but i dont know where it is, anyone help?

A. www.mobile9.com is the best, simple to use and no registration needed
How can i put games on a samsung a737 for free?
Q: I want to put games on my phone but it is to expensive to get them from AT&T.

A. download a free game from here http://gallery.mobile9.com/c/240-320-mobile-java-games/3/ locate file, transfer to desktop, connect cellphone to pc, open my computer, find th phone, if you are using an sd card, then open it in the computer, and copy and paste the program directly to the simcard. Now open the file from the cellphone, it will install. and enjoy.
How do you download games onto your phone?
Q: I want to get more games on my phone i have a Samsung Impression and I found free games that you can download for it for free but once you download it onto your computer how do you get it on your phone? I have never done this before what do you do? Plz help!

A. first you must get you games from site like http://mobile9.com , http://getjar.com or other,
second copy that file to your phone memory card (the file format supported by mobile phone is *jar)
use phone USB cable or card reader, next look onto your phone gallery
select your and you will running your application.

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